Orca Photo-op initial designs

Orca sculpture construction. The orcas were carved from large blocks of dense foam. These had tube steel inner frames for support and for securing into the floor. Then they were coated with plaster.

The orca sculptures were fiberglassed and painted with auto paints before being installed at The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium. 

The final orca sculptures installed at Loveland Living Planet Aquarium.

Wire and steel megalodon jaw construction

Megalodon jaws coated with auto primer

Molds were made from actual megalodon teeth. The teeth were cast using WEP resin and them polished and stained to match the actual teeth.

Finished megalodon jaws in place at Lovelend Living Planet Aquarium.

Paddlefish interactive at National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium. Guests use the paddlefish heads to scan for "plankton". When they move over a "plankton cloud" the paddlefish heads project black light to reveal the hidden plankton cloud. The "plankton cloud" is printed in invisible UV ink over the entire scene and a magnet, randomly placed underneath the scene, triggers the paddlefish heads when they pass over it. 

The "Hunt like a catfish" interactive. Guests reach into the caves to feel about for catfish prey items (frogs, fish, worms, insects). When their hands touch a prey item an LED light turns on on the sign to show what they found.

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