Oklahoma Aquarium's new Polynesian Reef exhibit which would showcase
marine life from around the Pacific islands. 
Concept art to show a potential effect that would change the exhibit space to give the illusion that a volcano would erupt every 1/2 hour. This effect would have been achieved with the use of Wild Fire UV paints, lighting and sound effects, video projection and steam effects to replicate fire. 
Finished exhibit entrance.
I designed the Polynesian Reef logo for the entrance of the exhibit but also
to be used through a variety of marketing and social media.
I designed a marketing campaign to promote the new exhibit.
These images were also formatted to fit various social media templates.
The exhibit featured 6 large interpretive sign panels instead of single species signs, which would have been difficult to maintain. The large panels would feature a behavior or trait that could be applied to a segment of the tank's species, thus allowing a story to be told about life on the reef.  
Detail images of my fish illustrations.
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